Manufacturing Facilities

 Pittsburgh Machine Shop

CNC Production Work

 Pittsburgh Lean Manufacturing

21st Century Facilities

At Versatech, we take facilities management seriously. A clean, well lit and ordered shop provisioned with the latest in CNC production equipment gives us the confidence to meet the most challenging parts order.

  • 50,000 sq ft manufacturing space
  • 30,000 sq ft of warehousing
  • 6000 sq ft office

Visit Versatech and you’ll find a visually ordered and physically clean production environment. There is a place for every tool and every tool is in its place. Learn more about our Services on our Capabilities and Capacities page, then contact Versatech to see what we can do for you today!

Facilities = Corporate Culture

When you see our manufacturing and warehousing facilities, you’re looking at a reflection of who we are. At Veratech, our Lean Manufacturing ethos is reflected in every square foot of our facility.

Manufacturing cells are strategically positioned to maximize the cooperation and efficiency of operators and to minimize handling time as parts move through multiple machining operations, component assembly, and finishing touches.

Warehousing and Shipping

After production, parts are wrapped or packaged as needed and placed in our 30,000 square foot warehousing facility prior to shipment. In this clean, well-ordered environment, the organization and identity of job lots remains strictly controlled.

An efficient production flow and timely delivery are critical to our mission. That’s why we maintain our own fleet of trucks to service our primary delivery area- the Pittsburgh region and Western Pennsylvania.

Contact Versatech to learn how we can take the stress out of your parts order with our “in tolerance, on time” pledge. 

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