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Training for Machining Excellence

At Versatech, we know the best facilities and equipment in the world mean little without the resource of skilled machinists to deliver orders “in tolerance, on time.”

That’s why we invest in our work force, first by hiring personnel with demonstrated proficiency and experience, then by expanding their training in lean manufacturing techniques.

Year by year, the depth of experience and capabilities of our company grows along with the skills of our workforce. They’ve helped make Versatech a leading supplier of machined parts in the Engineering Construction and Power Transmission and Distribution industries.

To learn how we can put our talented machinists to work for you, contact Versatech today.

Master Task Training

Machinists at Versatech undergo compulsory and continual training for new hires and skilled operators alike.

Master Task Training refers to online training designed to require the operator understands a process rather than simply memorizing a solution. Lessons cover machine setup and operation and can be learned at the operator’s own pace, but demand 100% retention.

Trainees interact with simulated screen displays, control panels, keyboards and machining centers, all without tying up production machinery or the time of more experienced operators.

Originally developed for the U.S. Armed Forces, Master Task Training has been shown to be an efficient and reliable training modality.

Miscellaneous Training

At Versatech, we provide training across a range of multi-disciplinary tasks. For example, everyone on our shop floor is forklift rated and receives a yearly refresher in forklift operation.

Effective cross training helps eliminate bottlenecks and hang ups in production.

To learn how we can put our talented machinists to work for you, contact Versatech today.


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