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Making On Time Delivery Our Responsibility

At Versatech, we take on time delivery seriously. For many of our customers, having a part on time is the difference between continuing operations, unacceptable delays, and shutting down.

That’s why we maintain our own fleet of trucks to service our primary delivery area- the Pittsburgh region and Western Pennsylvania.

  • Versatech delivery fleet operates within 100 miles of our Export, PA facility
  • Serving the Pittsburgh region, Western Pennsylvania, and Ohio

Completed parts move from the production floor to our 30,000 square foot warehousing facility. Packaged, tagged, and kept in an environmentally controlled area prior to loading on a Versatech truck, customer parts are never exposed to the weather.

Contact Versatech to learn how we can take the “delivery anxiety” out of your parts order.

Long Distance Shipping

For orders outside of our Western PA service area, including North American international deliveries, Versatech relies on the services of reliable 3rd Party ground shipping.

Your One Source for Precision Machined Parts

Versatech engineers satisfaction into every parts order. We know your concerns; we understand the problems you’ve had with other parts suppliers and job shops. That’s why we deliver on the three most critical elements of any parts order:

  • In Tolerance (reliable production meeting the highest quality standards)
  • On Time (meeting your deadline with every order)
  • Competitive Price (accurate costs that serve to highlight the value Versatech delivers)

Can we meet your parts production needs? We believe we can exceed any expectations you may have for job shop production. Contact us today to learn more.


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