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New! 2016 HAAS VF-6/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center

HAAS VF-6/50 CNC Vertical Machining CenterVersatech Inc. has taken delivery of and installed a new 2016 HAAS VF-6/50 CNC vertical machining center. This state of the art machining center features the latest in CNC machining technologies. The VF-6/50 features a large work envelop and rigid 50 taper spindle. The VF-6 is also equipped with a 30 horsepower vector drive, 7,500 RPM, spindle providing the ability for high speed machining operations. Other standard features include:

  • 50 Taper Geared Head Spindle
  • 30 Tool Side Mount Automatic Tool Changer
  • 15” Color LCD Monitor
  • Full Color Remote Jog Handle
  • Rigid Tapping Function
  • 600 IPM (Inches per Minute) Rapids

Optional equipment upgrades installed:

  • Full 4th Axis Rotary Table
  • Thru Spindle Coolant 300 PSI

2008 Doosan Puma 700M Horizontal Turning Center

2008 Doosan Puma 700M Versatech Inc. has taken delivery of a 2008 Doosan Puma 700M horizontal turning center. The Puma 700 series turning centers are designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long - term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. High speed turret indexing and fast rapid travel rates minimize all non-cutting time. Classic manufacturing methods and ultra - rigid construction are combined with advanced technological features to provide exceptional value. The Puma 700 has one of the industry's largest maximum turning diameters at 35.4" for a horizontal lathe. This size advantage allows Versatech to perform large diameter turning operations much faster and more accurate than conventional milling or vertical turning methods.
Key Features of the Puma 700M:

  • Powerful 60 HP spindle motor
  • Live milling and drilling tools with 14.8 HP motor
  • Heavy Duty turret with 15.8” coupling
  • One Piece 45 degree torque-tube slant bed
  • Double anchor pre-tensioned X and Z axis ball screws
  • Up to 10,780 pounds of Z axis thrust
  • Large 35.4” maximum turning diameter
  • EZ Guide i-conversational programming

Versatech Inc. has taken delivery of and installed a new 2016 Kasto FlexA CNC Circular Saw.

2016 Kasto FlexA CNC circular sawVersatech Inc. has taken delivery of and installed a new 2016 Kasto FlexA CNC circular saw. This ultra-high end CNC saw features the latest in circular and miter cutting technology. The FlexA features the following;

  • Quick work piece clamping via push-button with hydraulic long/short stroke vertical clamping vice.
  • Swivel range of rotary table 180°, angle adjustment manually via Vernier scale, easy indexing due to four-point roller bearing. Fixed stops for 90° and 45° right and left.
  • Hydraulic, infinitely variable constant saw feed. No saw blade change, no set-up times necessary in mixed profile/solid operation. Easy electronic cutting height limitation with “teach in” method.
  • Direct drive via multi-speed three-phase motor, four-step helical spur gear drive with hardened and ground gears running in an oil bath, and infinitely variable cutting speed, frequency controlled.
  • The material feed of up to 2000 mm in a single stroke makes multiple strokes for long cut lengths a thing of the past. A sturdy linear-guided material feed, powered via ball lead screw, ensures accurate cut-piece lengths.
  • The centrally located operating panel with the KASTO CompactControl (Siemens S5 compatible) makes for an easy order entry

Master Task Training

At Versatech, nothing is taken for granted, including the readiness and ongoing training of our machinists. From a 7 lesson course on measurement skills for new hires to our ongoing Master Task Training, Versatech brings a new level of precision and cost-savings to every job by assuring the personnel completing it are among the best the industry has to offer.

Our employees have helped make Versatech a top supplier in Engineering Construction and Power Transmission and Distribution. Learn more about how Master Task training helps hone operator and set-up skills on our Training page.

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