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Versatech - an American Success Story

Versatech, Inc. is a small town, American success story. Founded by owner Rick Versaw in 1974, our first precision machined parts were made in a garage.

Nearly 4 decades later, Versatech is a leader in the metal machining of components and assemblies. Our facilities approach 100,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing, and office space.

Today, we’re a family owned company, and we’ve made a name for ourselves as a top supplier to the engineering construction and power generation & distribution industries. Contact us today; we can be the “go to” parts supplier for your business too.

Our Mission

Versatech has an ongoing mission to set the standard in product excellence and integrity in our industry; to assure the future development and success of our target market; and to achieve customer satisfaction by doing the job right the first time and every time. We will meet or exceed all internal and external customer expectations.

Our pledge of “in tolerance, on time” is at the heart of all we do.

Recognizing that there are no limits to quality, Versatech strives to:

  • Continuously improve our abilities
  • Listen to and work as a partner with our customers
  • Anticipate customer needs, and
  • Respond to them by meeting or exceeding their requirements

Our Executive Vision

To succeed in this endeavor, we are dedicated to our executive vision - that customer satisfaction is always our primary focus. Through the combined efforts of every employee to concentrate on the customer rather than on the short-term profitability, we intend to:

  • Secure and maintain the privilege of our customers' business
  • Promote and instill the same high-quality business ethic among our partners

Versatech’s Quality Objective

To promote a team environment where all employees share responsibility for safety, quality, and efficiency.

To maintain customer satisfaction through continuous quality improvement of our products, service, processes, technology, and participative management.

The Versatech Philosophy

We are an enthusiastic, proactive, community oriented, "shall do" organization, working cooperatively to fulfill our mission.

By empowering employees with training, know-how, and manufacturing process ownership, we create job security and growth opportunities within VERSATECH, making positive employment and economic contributions in our community through sustained and growing business relationships and profitability. 

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